What do think of Fans vs Faves?

Thumbs up or Thumbs down?

Well, the new season of The Block 2014 this summer has begun with Fans versus Faves but how do think is compared to past series?

Did they get it right with The Favourites or would you prefer someone else returned?

And what about The Fans? Are they likeable as contestants and are they fast becoming then NEW Favourites?

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  1. No don`t do that, to many tv shows bring back old players and it do not work. They had the chance give somebody new the chance.

  2. Enjoying the series, better than last. More origional. Lots of work for all couples.
    Enormous task they all have. Enjoying all contestants. Im sure, as always we will come to love them as in previous series.
    Its a must watch!

  3. The show is great as it always is and gives other networks an example of how reality television is done to keep an audience entertained.
    The concept of the show remains each year because it works, but keeping it entertaining and educational (knowledge for self builders) by changing the structure (building) and style with this years being loft-style apartments keeps the loyal viewers and attracts new ones.
    The contestants being old and new is fine but they missed the mark with Steve, but they should have guessed there would be issues having someone who hadn’t done any type of building work or renovation. you would need some experience so you know how long jobs take with time management the biggest component of finishing each room in a week.
    He looks like a lost puppy most of the time and if Chantelle wasn’t such a dynamo and Luke the builder realising he has to carry Steve, they’d be in all sorts of trouble. what was he thinking going home for a sleep because things got a bit tuff. you can see in the show Chantelle is keeping him going.