Room Reveal Photos

Room Reveal

Check out the room reveal photos for The Block Fans versus Favourites.  Do you remember what they were like? See how the contestants have progressed…. Read More »

What about a ‘Blind’ Reveal?

Blind judging on The Block

All of the reveals up to this point on The Block, except the first room, have had the judges know who’s room is who’s. But what if they didn’t know who did the room, especially this far into the show? What if it was another blind reveal now the know the contestants? Do you think the judging would be different ... Read More »

Tawny Frogmouth Dale

Dale and Tawny Frogmouth Tattoo

Dale Vine has a new tattoo on his neck. “The picture itself is of a tawny frog mouth,” Vine says.  “It was my favourite bird when I studied nature tourism at university when I was straight out of high school. I did a lot of camping in the woodlands and in the Grampians and I did a fair bit of ... Read More »

Brad and Lara Wedding Photos

Brad and Lara Wedding Photo

Brad and Lara from Channel 9′s The Block have shared their wedding pictures with the public The reception was on their private Hunter Valley property they purchased with the $606,000 prize money they won on The Block in 2012. Brad took a break from shooting The Block Fans v Faves series in November 2013 to marry Lara. Hosts Scott Cam ... Read More »

Brad and Lara get Married

Brad and Lara get Married

Tonight 7:30pm Channel 9, 26 Feb 2014, we will see one of The Blocks favourite couples, Brad and Lara, get married. Since coming on the show in 2012 and winning as ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’, the couple have gone from strength to strength becoming one of the shows ‘Power Couples’. Brad returned this year with Dale to create one of the ... Read More »